Peak Swim center

About Coach Colin Cook

I was born and raised in Pepperell, MA. I grew up loving all sports, but primarily was focused on hockey. I played hockey through college and will always love the sport of hockey.  However, during my college years, partying became my top priority.  Especially after I graduated from college, I found myself very lost and did not have much direction.  After years of heading down the wrong path, in an intoxicated state on night, I told my friends I was going to run the Boston marathon that year. I stuck to that statement and during my training for the marathon, I decided that triathlons would be the next obstacle for me to tackle.

As soon as I started training for my first triathlon, I developed a tremendous passion for the sport and it literally changed my life. I really enjoy the variety in the training and the devotion it takes to obtain my goals. I love training and the triathlon lifestyle. I continue to train and devote myself to triathlon. It helps keep me on track, driven, and focusing on a much healthier addiction.  

Fast forward to now, I’m happily married to my wife Kristen, proud father of 4 (Calvin, Elijah, Gabriel, and Ruby), a 17 time Ironman Finisher, including 5 time Ironman World Championship qualifications and finishes, including many age group wins and overall amateur race victories, while managing multiple other businesses (Peak Recovery And Health Center and Peak Triathlon Coaching) in addition to maintaining a full time job in the tech industry.

As a swim coach, I can relate to most of the swimmers out there that did not start swimming until they were older.  Lots of swim coaches swam competitively their whole lives and haven’t had to learn to find that feel for the water as an adult, which can be difficult.  This skill set really helps me to relate to the “late comers” to swimming and help them become the best they can be.

  • 2013 Ironman North American Championship Mont-Tremblant Men’s 30 to 34 Age Group winner
  • 2015 Ironman Raleigh 70.3, Syracuse 70.3, and Timberman 70.3 male 30-34 Age Group winner. Ranked #1 in the World for AG by Ironman in 2015.
  • 2016 Ironman Florida 70.3 Age Group winner (2nd overall Amateur)
  • 2017 Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 Age Group winner (2nd overall Amateur)
  • 2018 Ironman Louisville 2nd Overall Amateur
  • 2019 Ironman Mont Tremblant Age Group Winner
  • 2020 Ironman Florida 1st Overal Amateur
  • Multiple Half Ironman Finisher and Half Ironman World Championships qualifier (PR 4:14:36)
  • USAT All American in 2012 – 2020
  • Currently teaches Tri Swim and Spin classes at the Nashua, NH YMCA and Brick group workouts at Hampshire Hills
  • Member fo the Greater Nashua Tri Sprint Triathlon Organization Committee
  • Played NCAA Division 1 Hockey in College
  • Coached College Hockey for two years