There are a lot of advantages to swimming in an Endless Pool.  The biggest benefit is the visibility you get some swimming in the same spot continuously.  As the swimmer, you'll get feedback tremendous feedback on your technique from the mirrors on the bottom of the pool.  There is also no better environment for a coach to see exactly what's happening with your stroke.  Add in the 4 camera system we use to catch what's happening from the front, back side, and overhead, and you just can't beat it.  It also allows you to very easily try different things with your stroke and see how it affects your efficiency.  It can also force you to hold your form and push yourself to hold certain paces since the pace is statically controlled and managed.

Absolutely not!  Peak welcomes swimmers of our ages and abilities.  It has been said that swimming is 80-85% technique and only 15-20% fitness.  As a result, learning and executing proper technique is critical.  If you're new to swim, start off by learning the RIGHT WAY to swim.  A lot of people try to learn on their own, develop bad habits, and then try to correct them.  By developing good habits from the start, you'll save yourself a lot of time and energy.  Colin loves working with new swimmers and has over a decade of experience working with new swimmers.

Yes, for insurance purposes, we do require all our swimmers to be members of US Master's Swimming.  To join to renew your membership, please click here.

As you come down the driveway, you'll see a parking area with a Swimmers Only sign.  If possible, please park there and do not block the garage.

Peak Swim Center is located in the basement of Colin's home.  If you walk around to the back of the house, you will see a separate and private entrance to your left.  If its dark, the flood light should turn on as you approach.

Like many things, the difference between what we think we're doing and what we're actually doing can be quite dramatic.  Swimming is no exception to this.  Over time, even experienced swimmers start to get sloppy or develop smart inefficiencies with the stroke.  That's why we recommend even elite level swimmers get feedback on their stroke regularly.  Small little adjusts to your technique call really go a long way on improving your speed and efficiency in the water.

A bathing suit, goggles, a towel, and any swim toys/toys you may want to use during your session.  Colin also has some toys available to use during coached sessions.

Yes, there is a private entrance, bathroom, and shower that you will have access to.  We strongly encourage all our swimmers to rinse off prior to entering the pool and then are more than welcome to take a shower after their session.

No, Peak will provide you with high quality soap, shampoo, and conditioner to use after your swim.  However, feel free to bring your own products as well.

Yes, please bring your own towel.  Shower sandals are also recommend, but not required.

You session will be at the reserved time slot.  We would recommend you arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can change, rinse off, and get prepared for your session.  Your session will start promptly at your schedule time to respect the time of Colin and other swimmers.

Yes, active Peak Triathlon Coaching clients do receives discounts on Peak Swim Center services.  Please reach out to Colin to get the special link to book sessions and ensure you get your discount.

Absolutely.  Whether a team or group is looking to receive coaching with Colin, just rent the pool out to use themselves, or another coach would liek to use the Endless Pool to instruct, we can make it happen.  Please contact us to make the reservation.

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